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Niax silicone L-580K is a non-hydrolyzable silicone, designed to provide excellent foam stability and fine regular cell structure in extremely low-density foams using liquid carbon dioxide as the blowing agent. In stretched formulations with high TDI, high water, high CO2, Niax silicone L-580K provides superior nucleating efficiency and dramatically reduces striations in the foam bun. It has full hydrolytic stability and can be used as a separate stream or in water/amine/ silicone preblends. Niax silicone L-580K offers enhanced stability while yielding foams with good breathability.

Key Features and Typical Benefits


  • Silicone with medium efficiency

  • Excellent foam stability plus good breathability in low-density formulations blown with liquid carbon dioxide

  • Complete hydrolytic stability in water/amine/silicone preblends

  • Works well on all commercially available CO2 equipment (Cardio/Beamech/Novaflex)

물리적 특성


Actual data may vary. Consult product specification and material safety data sheet

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