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Niax Silicone L-5617 is a lower VOC version of Niax Silicone L-5614.  This hydrolyzable surfactant can provide cell opening while reducing both froth density and shear induced cell collapse. Niax Silicone L-5617 may be considered for use in applications that require lower VOC emissions such as automotive, electronic, medical and high-quality product applications.

Key Features and Typical Benefits


  • Can stabilize mechanically frothed foam by helping to:

   -  Reduce froth density

   -  Reduce shear-induced cell collapse under doctor blade

   -  Reduce bubble coalescence in oven cure conditions Provide fine, microporous cell structure

  • Can enhance cell-opening - allowing low foam compression sets

물리적 특성


Typical properties are average data and are not to be used as or to develop specifications.

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