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Potential Applications

Niax Silicone L-5614 and Niax catalyst LC-5615 have exhibited significant utility in a wide variety of applications. A typical filled froth foam formulation that might be used in several of these applications is given below as a reference system. Note that both Niax silicone L-5614 and Niax catalyst LC-5615 may be used in froth systems utilizing polymeric MDI as the preferred isocyanate.


(1)  ASTM Method D93

Niax Silicone L-5614

Niax silicone L-5614 is a highly stabilizing silicone for use in mechanically frothed foam. Its unique structure promotes cell stabilization even in the highly filled formulations often used in this technology. Cell stabilization is critical to this process for several reasons:

  • It controls the ultimate density of the frothed foam.

  • It is the key to generating a froth with sufficient stability to withstand the high shear zones in the mixer, delivery system and applicator, and the high temperature of the curing oven without significant collapse.

  • good cell stability allows excellent gauge control upon application to a  substrate.


In addition, the product controls both cell size and cell size distribution in the froth. Control here leads to an air dispersion with a viscosity high enough to minimize strikethrough with certain types of fabric substrates and yet low enough to allow good flow characteristics.

Typically, 2 to 4 parts of Niax silicone L-5614 per hundred parts of polyol are sufficient to achieve proper control. In this use level range, it has no effect on the physical properties of the foam, and foam densities ranging from 190 kg/m3 (12 pcf) to about 320 kg/m3 (20 pcf) can be obtained.

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